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earrings target
I really don’t have the excuse of feeling the winter blues I used to get when I lived in New York. February was always a ‘bleh’ time of year, usually marked by exams, snow storms and lots of gray skies. Now that I live in LA and I work in social media, all we can think about is Spring, and all the beautiful trends, jewelry and fashion that awaits along with outdoor art shows and performances. It’s anticipation time, and I’m totally fine with that. I’ve had a terrible bout with TMD the last few weeks, which causes all types of pain and discomfort. I’ve found respite in yoga, acupuncture, a change of diet and Spring colors. Yes, colors. They have the ability to alter your mood, and I can’t wait to start adding more and more color to my wardrobe and around the house. During a break in the work day, I grabbed some costume jewelry from Target in orange to welcome all of the wonderful changes taking place. I love mixing these affordable finds and with my cherished jewelry pieces. Breathes new life into what I have in my jewelry box.

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CC Cream


mary kay brpnzer
Before I go into my excitement about trying out Mary Kay’s CC Cream, allow me to briefly explain the difference between this cream and BB cream, which is what I’ve been using prior to makeup application. BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm (or blemish Balm) and is the multi-tasker of skin creams. It hydrates and evens out skin tone and treats the skin with antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients. Many BB cream products offer broad-spectrum SPF and leave your skin with an illuminating glow. I started using it about year ago, and realized it was doing the trick when my boyfriend commented on how flawless my skin looked. He’s not the kind of guy to notice those details like we do so that pretty much confirmed that my BB cream was doing its job. CC Cream stands for Color Corrector, and is designed to address things like redness and skin discoloration. My skin is olive in color and has lots of areas with dark blemishes from acne and hormones (darn you 40!). The texture is also lighter and translucent in most CC Creams.

Mary Kay sent me a great CC Cream set in four different shades (ranging from very light to deep foncée, which is like a rich caramel color). Looks like I may need to play around with my new creams and do a bit of contouring. Notice I said a bit. Although I’ve seen amazing contouring transformations, a subtle difference is more my thing. I was also given two beautiful bronzers just in time for Spring. Thank you so much Mary Kay!

(purse: Anthropologie)

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journey to abstraction


I was like a kid in a candy store the moment I entered the Calder exhibition at LACMA. I love the his kinetic sculptures and all their cosmic wonder and cannot get enough of the juxtaposition that exists that between the geometric and the organic. It’s nothing short of a visual delight.
Calder and Abstraction: From Avant-Garde to Iconic is on view at LACMA until July 27th, and includes forty years of Calder’s sculptures, mobiles, stabiles and maquettes.
It’s exciting to see Calder’s evolution into complete abstraction. His work just resonates with me and my own need to simplify and declutter. I found a sense of calm looking at his gravity defying, delicate sculptures, which leave these most beautiful, almost sketch-like, shadows on the wall.

Photos were provided to me by LACMA and were taken by Frederik Nilsen

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So … I decided to do a recap of some of my blog’s highlights of 2013. It’s been a full year to say the least. I’ll try my best to be sum it up. My memory decided it was going to quit after I tried to overload it with dates and numbers, so they’re not in a strict order or anything.
I started off 2013 with a trip to Michigan with Ford, and had the best time ever (even though I got sick with a cold mid-trip). I got to visit the Henry Ford Museum , which houses the Kennedy car, Rosa Parks bus and Lincoln’s chair. One of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had at museum.
stylepics theartmuse My blog was given a facelift, and I started adding more style posts. Just for fun. I love clothes, accessories and all that good stuff. Little did I know that these pictures would open up a few new doors. Putting these images all together has given me lots of new ideas for 2014.
moma Ah, The MoMA. I went to NYC twice in 2013 (or was it once in the end of 2012?). It’s my hometown and I can never go without visiting at least one of my favorite museums. This particular trip was for the LATISM conference, which was held a few blocks away from MoMA at the Waldorf. We were working with our client  Johnson & Johnson but during a lunch break I stopped by to see a few Pollocks and Cezannes.
beauty theartmuse
I became a beauty blogger for Babble. Starting with my post about turning 40. Oh yes, I turned 40 is 2013 too!
DSC_4219This is from my trip to Miami. Part work, part fun. My boyfriend (who once lived in Miami) took me to Morakami in So. Florida. Beautiful place! He flew back here for a visit, and I took him to Huntington Gardens for Japanese Zen beauty. This was the last trip before he finally moved west.
stylepics theartmuse
A few months into working with Babble, I also started contributing to their Style Channel. I also wrote a few posts for
hush theartmuse
Lots of cool art shows happened this year, like Hush. You can see more art stuff here.
dayofdeadMy Day of the Dead posts were a lot of fun, and were featured on Buzzfeed and NBC Latino.
babble theartmuseAnd recently I was listed in Babbles 100 Best Blogs of 2013, which was truly an honor to be in such great company.

Putting these images together has given me lots of inspiration for the new year. In the beginning 2013, I had several goals for the blog but left room open to explore – some ideas worked, some didn’t. That’s the great thing about blogging. It’s just an organic process that just progresses through time. I’m super excited about 2014, and all that awaits! Here’s to a prosperous new year!

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Fairytales and Fantasy


makrykay fairytales and fantasy
Mary Kay sent me their limited edition Fairytales and Fantasy collection in a beautiful box, and I absolutely love it. At first I wasn’t too sure the colors would go well with my skin. As much as I love pinks and gold, I often find it doesn’t work well my yellow/green undertones. However, it looked really pretty once I put it on, and I like that it goes on light at first but is flexible enough to go darker for night. It made me so ready for Winter, and we haven’t even touched the surface of Fall yet! It makes for a great gift or just get the collection for yourself. Check out the slideshow of each product or head over to Mary Kay.
marykay- fairytales and fantasy
(Necklace from Zara)

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fullface 1
What in the? Yep, that’s me. For someone who is not a Halloween person, I’m certainly feeling a bit excitement for it this year. After checking out this Cinderella tutorial, I thought ‘Hmmmmm, which Disney character could I delve into?” The first image that came to mind was Maleficent. When I was a kid I just thought she was so cool. I loved her gothic, elegant look. She was striking and powerful.

If you’d like to learn more about the makeup I used step by step, I have a slideshow up on Babble.

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Curry Chicken Salad with apple


chicken salad theartmuse
My friend from the east coast relocated out to Los Angeles not too long ago so I invited her over for a “welcome” lunch. I tried this recipe and loved it. Except I originally served it with sourdough bread, which I found to be heavy and overpowering. I made it again and found that it’s perfect with a side of pita. Oh, and it’s even better with a mimosa!

My recipe is slightly different than the one linked.


4 boneless chicken breasts/cutlets, grilled and cubed
1/2 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup diced red unpeeled apple
Handful of raisins
1/4 cup chopped pecans
Curry powder to taste (I love curry)
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan Pink salt
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
Ground cayenne pepper to taste
Mayonnaise to taste (I used about a cup)


After grilling the chicken, let it cool and dice. Combine the chicken and the remaining ingredients in a large bowl, add mayonnaise. Cover and refrigerate. Serves about 5 people. Don’t forget the mimosa and enjoy!

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week in pictures


Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
My week in pictures is a few days late. I’m finally getting in some photo-editing time after a week of travel, lots of catching up and a few life-changing events. Where do I even begin?
Well. Let’s start with last weekend. A few friends and I stopped by Luis de Jesus Gallery to see the group exhibition – The Road . The exhibition is about all of the choices presented in a journey. It explores free-will, fate, irony and irrationality and represents the achievements and failures experienced along the way. And may I also add that this exhibition was quite indicative of the week that waited for me (A week of inspiration, a car accident and my boyfriend relocating to Los Angeles). I am in an entirely new chapter in my life right now. And where will this road lead me? I think this time around, I’m going to just go for the ride. Too much over-thinking in my 20s. Too much trying to have it all in my 30s. Tomorrow – I turn 40. I’m gonna go ahead and pat myself on the back for all those accomplishments and equally embrace all those failures as well. Because without them, there would be no successes. This is really an amazing time.
I flew up to San Fran this week for the Alt Summit conference, which was amazing. This was sort of a mini version of the main conferences held in Salt Lake City and NYC but I certainly left feeling very inspired. I will share all of those details this week. But seriously, the aerial views from LA up north are breathtaking.
And viva los avocados! My friend Maura (and awesome food blogger at The Other Side of the Tortilla) hosted an #ILoveAvocados lunch for our client Avocados from Mexico. About 10 food and lifestyle bloggers were invited to partake in an afternoon of fruitful indulgence.
This. Best foot bath ever after admittedly wearing heels throughout a conference. Not advised. But if you’re anything like me and need/must wear heels (even if you’re on foot all day), this is an awesome little recipe to help relax those muscles. And speaking of travel, I also wrote an article about my partner in crime, Ana, who has the whole beauty/travel regimen down to a science. Here are her tips. I also did a Beauty Tips from Real Latina Moms round-up with Maura, who is also an Editor for And if you’re into bright lip color this summer, my orange lips were featured (and in good company) on Mamiverse.

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