high waist, wide leg


(Tua top, Gracia pants similar in chiffon, Banana Republic clutch but love this wristlet one, Zara heels and love these)

I have to say I’m pretty lucky to have a guy who goes shopping with me and helps me pick out pieces to wear. I tried on these pants for fun and he said “yep, you’re getting those.” I joked and said I felt a bit like Lisa Stansfield but, hey, the 90s are back. I think I pretty much took my last palazzo post to whole other level with these. But they’re super perfect for making the waist look small and the legs long.
I wore this look over the weekend when I headed over to the Los Angeles Convention Center to the National Council of la Raza conference. Afterwards, we stopped by MoCA to see the grounds and then checked out their Mike Kelley show at the Geffen location. No shortage of inspiration was had this weekend. It was definitely needed. Life can throw curve balls to distract you but when you fill your mind with good stuff, you see how silly most things are … maybe it’s age. Speaking of which, I turn 41 tomorrow!
MoCA wide-leg pants
Hope you’re all enjoying your week. And if you’re in LA, you must check out the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibition at LACMA.

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Van Gogh to Kandinsky
Writing this post makes me so happy. So very happy. Expressionism. Van Gogh. Kandinsky. And my favorite, Cézanne. They’re all in one room at LACMA’s exhibition Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky. This era is what put me into royal post graduate debt and I really did not care one bit. I lived vicariously through these paintings with every turn of my art history text book page. The hunger to learn more led me to work for modern art museums, where I was surrounded by these beautiful pieces every day. Something magical happens inside of me when I’m in the presence of these works. My son often asks me about movies or TV shows from the last twenty years, and is often shocked to hear that I have not seen most of them. I tell him “No, son. Mom watched still movies made of oils instead.” I mean, look at this Cézanne. I can stare at this painting forever and see something new every single time.
Cezanne still-life LACMA
From Van Gogh to Kandinsky brings together the extraordinary contributions of artists from France and Germany – key players in the modern art movement. The exhibition illustrates that artists during this time were unified in many ways and not constrained by their borders. I love how each gallery offers insight into how the visual arts are conveyed between cultures. During the 1900s, Berlin was the center of the country’s financial core as a culturally rich metropolis where different cultures engaged. They were artistically progressive and demonstrated an appreciation for the contribution made by French artists. During the same time, Paris had a dynamic, very avant-garde art scene, which attracted many German artists, gallerists and collectors. The city welcomed many of these new artists and exhibited their work in many shows as well.
Van Gogh to Kandinsky
What I love most about Expressionism is that it fills the vision field with beautiful colors and brushstrokes. Your eyes are forced to dance around the canvas. A delight you will find when gazing at the work of Van Gogh, who we can say is more like a father of the Expressionist movement. Take a look at the movement in the sky and trees in The Poplars at Saint-Remy and tell me there isn’t a dance. I can almost hear the wind blow.
Van Gogh LACMA
I can go on and on as the show covers other topics, such as Fauves, Brücke, Cubism and then finally WWI – A time of cultural transformation.
Van Gogh to Kandinsky
Before I end this post, I leave you with the pioneer of abstract art, Kandinsky, who took expression to a whole new level with non-representational properties of color and form.
Kandinsky LACMA Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky is on view until September 14th. It’s a must-see and is set up with four dramatically different themes with a pathway that includes a variety of different colors, materials and with day lighting to enhance the works.
Expressionism in Germany and France: From Van Gogh to Kandinsky (Pictures c/o of LACMA)

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A week in pictures


I decided to bring my week in pictures posts back. There are so many in between moments that I capture and would love to share. I think Fridays may the day I take a moment to reflect on all the fun things life throws my way and the moments we create for ourselves.
Green Juice - Kale and Banana
My son is back from visiting family in Philadelphia, which was one month full of grandparent fun and food. Lots of it! Whenever he goes east, he can’t enough of hoagies, pizzas, cheese steaks and so on. This week, I’ve been trying to get some greens in his system with different types of green juice. It’s not his favorite but he really likes this one I make for him – Kale, banana, coconut milk, a slice of avocado and a dash of cinnamon. I also add a scoopful of Vitaforce. It’s definitely teen approved. But he’s asked me to never tell him what’s in it.
Ann Taylor jewelry
I stopped by Ann Taylor this week and wracked up on their jewelry. I always love a good sale. Their transitioning into Fall so now is a good time to get a few pretty pieces for your jewelry box. I really love their statement necklaces and earringsand their clutches as you can see here, here and here.
Urban Decay BiggerBadderlashes Perversion Mascara
After a busy work day, I attended Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara launch party this week at Sayer’s Club with my guy and a few friends for some much needed social time. Great people, great food and great products, of course! I haven’t tried my goodies yet but looking forward to a sexy eye look for my birthday. Yep. That’s coming up next week!
Culina Desserts
Whew. I’m still full. Last night, my partner in crime Ana and I were invited by the Four Seasons to have dinner at Culina Restaurant while my guys spent some QT together ala Planet of the Apes. Oh my goodness, the food was so delicious. Expect a blog post shortly with their menu options. We were served several amazingly creative and rich dishes. If you’re in LA, I really hope you’re taking advantage of Restaurant Week. There are so many amazing places to eat, and Culina is definitely one of them. You have to try their olive oil cake. It’s that good! I may do a few more #DineLA things this coming week, which will require very comfy clothes. Looks like I may be wearing this jumpsuit all week long.

I hope you have an awesome weekend, muses!

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Nautical Palazzo


Only Hearts jumpsuit theArtMuse
(Only Hearts Jumpsuit, Ann Taylor clutch, Zara heels but love these ankle strap heels too), Mary Kay Sunny Citrus Creme Lipstick)

Since it’s not appropriate to wear pajamas to go out (although I’ve seen people do it), I’m all for dressier jersey-type one piece situations. I typically walk into stores looking for head to toe outfits that don’t require a lot of work or thinking. If the shirt and pants are attached, even better. Yeah, I sound like the laziest dresser on the planet. That’s probably because I am. No shame in it. I love clothes, makeup and all things girly but it must be fuss-free.
I love palazzo pants for that ease, especially this jumpsuit from Only Hearts. They’re chic, flattering and oh-so-comfortable. They were actually part of my staple look back in the day when everyone was wearing them. I’m talking early 90s, house music, Roseland, Marshall Jefferson’s Move Your Body days. Minus the chunky black house shoes, I’m happy that they’re making come-back. I can wear them now like a grown-up with heels and a purse. And if they have a high-waist, even better. I have a very high waist as it is, so it works well for my body type. They also give the illusion of longer legs. Win, win all around.

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Vino y arte


Urban Artists Illustrate Vibrancy of Spain’s Wine with “Streets of Color” Miami theArtMuse
I have a thing for South Florida. I love it, love it, love it. In fact, I must love it so much, I fell in love there! The food, the culture, the gorgeous beach views, the Carribbean vibe … All of it. And of course, there’s nothing like checking out Miami’s Wynwood Arts District before a dinner date. I can’t tell you how bummed I was to miss two opportunities to visit Florida because I wasn’t feeling well. Last April for work and last week with my guy, who went back to visit his family. However, all was not lost. Somehow the wine gods sensed my despair and sent me a limited edition bottle of Reserva by Spanish Winery Campo Viejo. They’re celebrating this limited edition bottle release with a U.S. street art installation in Miami as part of the global art series “Streets of Color.” Perfect timing too. I was in the middle of setting up my art studio when the package arrived, and could not wait to have an art celebration of our own. It makes my guy incredibly happy to see that I’ve taken out my oils and brushes.
“Streets of Color” Miami theArtMuse
Miami’s Wynwood Arts District is currently the sixth canvas for the global art series “Streets of Color” painted by international artists Okuda and Remed. All of the murals are inspired by the natural features of the Campo Viejo vineyards and serve as visual love letters of Spanish culture to cities that embrace wine, food, culture and art. This particular large-scale mural (by Okuda) is all about the idea of color giving life, and I certainly think it illustrates the vibrancy, color and life of the city, don’t you agree?
“Streets of Color” Miami theArtMuse
And the wine? Reserva’s flavor is a lovely balance between cherries, black plums, ripe blackberries with hints of clove, pepper, vanilla and coconut (yum). It’s beautifully smooth (drinking a glass as I write) with a long lasting finish. It would definitely go really well with a nice mix of cheeses. Hmmm, there’s an idea.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Miami area, the mural can be viewed at Northwest 23rd Street and Northwest Fifth Avenue in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami until August 31, 2014. Salud!

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Denim Pencil Skirt


Denim Pencil Skirt theArtMuse
(Ann Taylor top, Zara clutch similar, Jarbo skirt but love this one too, Zara heels)

Pencil skirts flatter my figure the most. They cover those little problem areas and highlight the curves. I think they’re a definite must-have for a woman’s closet. I found this fun denim one at Jarbo – A designer I love for their basic pieces that are a bit offbeat. Oh, and their clothes are so comfortable.
Denim Pencil Skirt theArtMuse
Speaking of comfort, I was actually off from work all week long. In fact, the whole company took the week off. We found that there really was no vacation day for anyone on the team when we’re open so it was best we all just go under the radar. The internet doesn’t sleep and, as a social media director, I’m always plugged in checking on campaigns. The team flew around the world pretty much, except for me. My TMJD had a bit of a set back so I did the unthinkable – I relaxed, napped, went for walks, took yoga classes, grubbed on LA cuisine and indulged in an hour and half long myofascial and massage treatment. I even turned on this huge box we have here called a TV. I rarely watch anything because I don’t have the attention span for it but it was actually nice to relax with a snack and flip through the channels. It was a quiet time as my beau was in Florida and my son is still in Philadelphia with family.
Denim Pencil Skirt theArtMuse
My guy is back, my son flies in tonight and work starts up on Monday. I will be back up and running, so expect lots of great news and updates. Hope you’re having a great summer so far!

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Restaurant Week LA DineLA
Restaurant Week LA #DineLA
Restuarant Week LA #DineLA
When it comes to great restaurants and diversity, Los Angeles is way up there on the list of great cuisine. And that’s a big thing coming from a native New Yorker, believe me. I’ve had my fair share of great food growing up in the big apple but it can’t be compared to the cultures and subcultures of other cities. Since my move west, I’ve had some of the most amazing sushi and tacos that will blow your mind with just one bite. Oh, yes, it’s that good. Add mountainous views and perfect weather year-round, and you will pretty much know what heaven on earth feels like.
dinela theartmuse
Our company was invited to the Palihouse West Hollywood rooftop to kick-off dineL.A. Restaurant Week, which runs from July 14-27th. It’s basically a delectable two week long culinary celebration highlighting all that Los Angeles has to offer when it comes to savory dishes. I ate the night away under the blue LA skies thanks to Bourbon Steak Los Angeles, JiRaffe Restaurant, Lotería! Grill, Mi Piace, Palihouse Courtyard Brasserie, Plan Check Kitchen + Bar – Fairfax, SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa, Wolfgang Puck Wines, Selvary Rum, and LA Aleworks.
Restaurant Week LA #DineLA
Whether you’re a native or visiting, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a selection of specially priced prix-fixe lunch and dinner menus. Sound good? Check out Discover Los Angeles for details. Bon Appétit!

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Thank you 40


Urban Lights LACMA theArtMuse
Hello July. You’ve made your way back into my life again with another birthday. Last year, you brought on the big 4-0. And let me tell you, it has been quite a year. As I’ve mentioned before, I knew things were going to change. I was even told by my astrologer that something major was about to happen. I know, I know, not everyone believes in that stuff but something in me does. Call it a connection to my Incan and Taino ancestry, but I’ve always felt a mystic presence in my life that can’t be explained .. or maybe it’s just that I grew up watching too much Walter Mercado. Who knows. Either way, in that life-changing conversation, I was told that I would face the past again in a different way, and that it will include my current relationship. Except this time, I would handle it differently when faced with the challenge. Of course, a million scenarios popped into my head. None of which came to fruition except for the TMJ disorder issue that I dealt with in 2006. Back then, I had no idea what was wrong with me and what was going on with my body. I was scared. Practically bed-ridden for close to 5 months, my mother came out to help me. While grappling with debilitating symptoms that impaired my vision and hearing, the disorder came with a huge message and helped me “see” things clearer. I learned what love was and what it wasn’t, and what I needed and wanted in my life. Having the senses you took for granted every day compromised will do that to you. As I got better, things came to light and I started a new journey. But I honestly can’t say I truly learned the lesson that my body and the universe was trying to teach me. I blindly embarked on a path with lots of different doors lined up hoping to find the right one. Some of those doors welcomed me with beams of light while others were deceptively beautiful with an agenda to teach me valuable life lessons. But being a risk-taker, I opened each and every door. And I have to say that what I learned in my 30s has been extraordinary. However, my work-a-holic ways still remained, and I fell ill again with TMJ in February. This time, I knew what it was and took the necessary steps to heal my body. While doing that, I upped my yoga and meditation practices, and did not ignore the universal signs that kept appearing every day. Once again, my vision and hearing became impaired (in addition to new symptoms of vertigo and excrutiating pain) and I learned another lesson in love and acceptance. All those things that once plagued me started to wither away. The noise in my mind got quieter. I listened to my body and I lived in the world as an observer. I was fortunate to have a son who gave me amazing hugs and a beau who spent many evenings making me power soups to reset my body. It’s all I needed, and as I recalled what the astrologer (or shall we say messenger) said about the past resurfacing, I realized – That was it. There I was bed-ridden once again and scared. Except this time, I received an overwhelming amount of love and care, and I was ready to take it all in. I saw God’s work before me in every small loving gesture, and felt extremely humbled. He blessed me with these beautiful souls. My heart was filled with gratitude and, in turn, I got better. Love heals.

And that, my friends, sums up 40. So thank you dear 20s and 30s for making me wiser. Today I feel more beautiful and alive than I ever did, and these things cannot be felt if you don’t go through those necessary pains and losses in life. When you recover, happiness is that much greater. Here’s to 41! Looking forward to meeting you on the 23rd.

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